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City and County of Honolulu

Rising Tide’s team of developers designed the Fare Payment System for the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services. Approximately 525 Card Interface Devices (Smart Card Readers) were installed on all the City buses for use by prepaid passengers (automatic payroll deduction). The system was designed to accept several types of contracts; monthly passes, 4-day visitor passes, 30-day passes, 365-day passes and e-purse (stored value).

Price schemes are based on Student, Adult, Senior, and Disabled fares. The cards are personalized to each passenger, identifying when and where they boarded. A new design concept was added to the system coined the Autoload System. This allows for automatic loading of prepaid fares from the Card Interface Devices (CID), saving passengers time by removing the need to add value or purchase passes in person at designated locations, even though these outlets are still available for purchase.

Hawaii Pacific University

Rising Tide’s team of engineers developed and designed the Smart Card Identification System (Unicard) for the Hawaii Pacific University for use as their Student Identification System. In addition to a Student ID, the card serves as a general Access Control System combined with a Debit Card System.

The Unicard identifies the student and the term for which they are registered (card validity period). The card validity period controls the access control periods and card expirations. For all computer printing and copying, the Unicard is used as a debit card. In addition, a barcode is printed on the back of the card for integration with legacy systems such as the library.

Women's Wellness and Fitness Center

A fully integrated membership identification solution was developed for the Women's Wellness and Fitness Center in the Gentry Business Park. Each member is issued a membership card that grants them access to the facilities. The members can prepay for massages, training, or child care services which are all stored on the card.

A Point of Sale (P.O.S.) system was developed specifically for the sale of products and services which incorporates the use of the membership card and/or cash sales. Smart Card sales are automatically given a discount.















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